Morgellons Skin Bundle

Morgellons Skin Bundle  includes Thirsty Skin Body Wash, Drench Skin Cream, Krazy Skin Cream, Don’t Bite Me Cream,  Don’t Bite Me Spray, Morgellons Bug Solution, Morgellons Mite Powder, Permethrin Cream,  Collagen Capsules, Vitamin B5 Capsules, Hyaluronic Acid Capsules, Neem Capsules

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Thirsty Skin is a hydrating body wash that will wash away the skin mites from the skin. Drench is an unscented moisturizing skin cream that will hydrate the skin from the outside in and will diminish blemishes left on the skin from the burrowing mites.  Krazy Skin Cream is another healing moisturizing cream that will heal the skin and fade blemishes. Hyaluronic Acid provides weightless moisture to the skin, revitalizes the outer layer of the skin, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, heals wounds, and retains skin moisture.  Hyaluronic Acid will provide moisture from the inside out. Collagen has both Type I and III collagen, which is derived from bovine, and Type I and II which is derived from the marine. This combination provides phenomenal moisture and helps with damage to hair and skin. It provides excellent moisture. Vitamin B5 is one of eight B vitamins. Vitamin B5 works as a deep, hydrating moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory agent, reducing skin blemishes and enhancing the healing process of skin wounds, and helping keep skin soft, smooth, and healthy.  It provides excellent moisture. Neem Capsules will terminate the parasites from the inside out and heal the skin sores left behind from the mites burrowing in the skin. Don’t Bite Me Cream and Spray will repel the mites. Morgellons Bug Solution is a solution that can be sprayed in the house and in grassy areas to repel the mites. Permethrin Cream is a cream that can be rubbed on the skin and left on for 12 hours and then rinsed off to treat the mites on the skin. Morgellons Mite Powder is a powder that can be sprinkled on any type of fabric/clothing to decrease the mite activity and repel them.

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Morgellons Skin Bundle

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