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Ex’Foliate Women’s Shampoo Relaxed/Colored Formula


Invest in your scalp today with Zydeco Naturals Exfoliate.


Get to the root of stubborn dandruff and flakes in your hair with Zydeco Naturals Exfoliate Shampoo.  The peppermint in Exfoliate will tingle and open the hair follicles, releasing dandruff from the scalp and give your scalp a clean, refreshing feeling. Applying Exfoliate to dry hair first will saturate the hair follicles and give a tingling sensation and cause the follicles to reawaken and lift up the layers of flakes from the scalp.  Exfoliate will soothe and nourish the scalp and restore the health of your scalp. So, invest in your scalp today with Zydeco Naturals Exfoliate.



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