Dr. Temesha Nash, founder and creator of Zydeco Naturals, have deep roots in Louisiana. Temesha, born and raised in New Orleans, LA, completed her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree at Xavier University of Louisiana.  Experiencing the culture and spirit of the region throughout her life, a deep love of Louisiana was formed. Blending the cultural flavor of this life into the dream for her new company and product line, Zydeco Naturals was born in 2017.

Speaking with various friends, family, patients and others in her community, Temesha recognized the necessity of addressing the on-going issues of hair and skin care from eczema, dry skin, unsightly scars, thinning and balding hair and dandruff.  To meet the ever-growing need and demand from her community to have 100% natural beauty products, she began to develop specially formulated product lines to address the needs of women, men and children alike. The request for safer product lines, ZERO chemical additives and specialty goods consisting of all natural ingredients and botanicals to address a variety of daily needs inspired her to develop the current line of Zydeco Naturals’ product offerings.  

Using her complex knowledge in botanicals and compounding, Zydeco Naturals introduced:  I’ll Be Right Back Shampoo, LEAVE IN Conditioner and HAIR GREASE for women, men and children, 

 Zingers Lice Treatment & Prevention Shampoo & LEAVE IN  Conditioner, Krazy Skin Cream, DOULEUR PAIN CREAM,  Beaujolais body Fragrance and Don’t bite me insect repellant, in the summer of 2017.  

We invite you to experience the uniquely formulated blends of Zydeco Naturals to awaken and renew your hair and skin today.